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TREE is a non-profit organisation that specialises in Early Childhood Development, resource and training.

Holistic Aproach to Early Childhood Development
Holistic Approach


We are able to achieve this holistic approach through:
• Advocacy and lobbying to establish partnerships with relevant stakeholders for programmes sustainability.
• Training of the ECD workforce with a special focus on women empowerment.
• Increase access to appropriate early childhood development programmes and resources to create an ECD enabling environment.
• Continuous monitoring , evaluation and reflective review.

The TREE training programme seeks to develop and empower fledging, under-resourced ECD sites develop into sustainable, quality centers.

In 2014, TREE trained 1424 ECD Practitioners and 62 community facilitators.

Our community Toy Library Programme reached a cumulative total of 10969 children.

TREE reaches economically marginalised communities whose Children face abject poverty, have limited or no access to essential services.

The aim of the TREE training programme is to improve practitioner development and capacity.

We currently have 3 Tree Training Centres and over 27 Training Sites across KZN.


The most exciting part about the TREE Toy Shop is our workshop, where our experienced and skilled Toy Makers produce a wide range of handmade, wooden toys.


In August of 2014, TREE won a proposal to work with The Lego Foundation which meant we were an implementing partner to run The Six Bricks randomised control study with 75 practitioners across KZN.

The main purpose of the trial was to assess the impact of a “Six Bricks” intervention on children’s executive functioning in the specific context of South Africa.


Kwa-Zulu Natal is home to a quarter of South Africa’s children, 85% of which are under the age of 5 and have no access to any form of early child development programmes.

We’d like to thank the organisations who have partnered with TREE to ensure young children develop to their full potential in line with their rights and needs.


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