TREE MANDELA DAY – 18 July 2014

Wonderbag cooking demonstration and donation handover

A cooking demonstration (using the Wonderbag), how to use the Wonderbag and what benefits there are in doing so. There has been great success in giving the Wonderbags away in some of the rural communities and doing these kinds of demonstrations, as they save on cooking time (so girls can go to school whilst the food is safely slow-cooking in the Wonderbag), electricity and the need for cooking for such long periods over an open fire (serious health hazard – especially for small children). Wonderbags will then be given to the ECD learners who are training at TREE.

If you’d like to read further on the Wonderbag – see http://www.nb-wonderbag.com/

TIME: 10:00
VENUE: TREE Training Centre – 69 Krishna Road, Briardene

Wonderbag 4